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One of the first Debit Cards connected to a non-custodial wallet. Why make compromises? Get the Best of both worlds: The convenience of a standard card with the independence of a Blockchain. This is true Freedom.


In Global Non-Cash Transactions


In Global Remittance Volumes


In Global Payments Revenue


In Global Crypto Trading Volume

The Highway of Money


Send Omega anywhere in the world in seconds to a wallet or a bank account


The Ethereum Network as the digital infrastructure enables cheap transactions


Ethereums Blockchain Technology guarantees trust and interoperability


A decentralized Wallet with all the benefits of a centralized platform

The Omega Wallet

Your Gateway to the
Future of Finance

Spend your favourite cryptos with the Omega Card
Earn interest on your deposited crypto
Borrow against your crypto for collateral loans
OMEGA Wallet

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The Power of Cashback

The cashback system incentivises customer loyalty and enables Businesses to increase their customer base and revenue potential enormously – This is the power of the network effect.

Cashback Step 1

Choose a product or service out of the endless supply of our partners

Cashback Step 2

After choosing the service, you will receive a payment request with options

Cashback Step 3

After fulfilling the payment, you will receive up to 5% cash back in Omega


After receiving the cash back rewards, feel free to use it to get other deals

“We needed advanced blockchain technology as a key driver for customer growth and as the backbone for the digital economy in our VR World - Omega makes this a reality.”

Rudi OsztovitsCEO, Bee Green World
Bee Green World

Omega Rewards World

Earn Vouchers, Gift Coupons, Discount Codes and other special offers, powered by our amazing partner merchant network

OMEGA Rewards

Industry Trailblazers that share our Vision

It’s a long Road – Lets walk together

We are grateful to have the support of likeminded visionairies who want to change all industries and the status quo for good. For the People, by the People.

Bee Green World

For the People – By the People
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Your New Home for Digital Capital

A Hyperconnected future is upon us – and with it the need to effectively manage it. We already have implemented innovations like WalletConnect, ENS Support, Oracles and much more in a hyper-advanced, unified Dashboard with everything at your fingertips

OMEGA Dashboard

Use Cases


On-Demnand pay as you go, Stream additional services like insurance or request payments from your passengers in Real-Time

Loyalty-Based Token

Incentivize and Reward loyal Customers with Tokens for purchases and Partners for excellent customer service and revenue growth

Ownership Transfer

Authenticate, validate, and transfer ownership of parts or your whole car in an instant and even eliminating the need for intermediaries

Auto Insurance

Dynamic Money Streaming/Pay as You Go: With real-time microtransactions now possible, only pay insurance, when you actually use the vehicle

Identification & Tracking

RFID tags with unique identifiers tied to Smart Contract make it easy and reliable to verify the authenticity of a given component.

Vehicle Recall Optimization

Allows manufacturers to identify every single part, issue specific recalls and know when a specific part has reached its usage limit

Fan Engagement

Rewarding fans with tokens for engagement, interaction, content creation, organizing community events, real-time betting, etc.

Community Voting

Use of digital tokens used by fans/partners/sponsors to vote on strategic decisions like Investments, Infrastructure and Merchandise

Crowd Funding

Investing in Athletes and Teams directly and earning a share of the Player’s/Team’s future earnings

Smart Tickets

Each ticket has a unique identifier tied to a Smart Contract – This will end counterfeit tickets and “Ticket Scalping”

Digital Collectibles

Building marketplaces for digital collectibles like Sports Trading Cards and Sport Memorabilia

Automating Sponsorships

Increase cashflow opportunities significantly by streamlining and automating sponsorships through Smart Contracts

More Efficient Transactions

Tokens and Smart Contract deliver a streamlined process, that cuts cost and time to minutes instead of days or weeks

Limiting the use of Intermediaries

Records could be stored, verified, and transferred using Smart Contracts – This significantly reduces costs and saves time

Improving Trust and Transparency

Smart Contracts offer a verifiable and censorship-resistant option for sharing information (such as valuation details)

Increasing Revenue Potential

Using Smart Contracts helps Landlords to manage their properties in Real-Time and increasing revenue options by instant lease/rental agreements, charging for services and more

Improving Property Management

Smart Contracts will greatly improve operations – from signing lease agreements to managing cash flow to filing maintenance requests and managing disputes.

Reducing Siloed Databases

Improve collaboration secure and tamper-resistant shared databases that compile data and documents from various different stakeholders in one place

Change is Coming – And Thought-Leaders from all Industries have already realized it’s potential

“I think when you go to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee, and you try to pay with dollars, they will laugh at you because you are not using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency… It will be like the old lady paying out with pennies.”

– Tim Draper

Billionaire Investor

New Old: The Fusion of Worlds

We are creating an improvement customer experience, across all age brackets by combining the best of both worlds

Physical Payment Gateway

Exchange cryptos (even for cash) and access other products by our partners, like tickets to a football game

All-in-One Banking

Access all the digital banking features of your Daytona account at every Omega Machine

Your Financial
Freedom Awaits.

It is yours to claim your destiny and become the champion on the Frontlines of Finance – We will call upon once the time has come.